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This is the category for Panama, a country in Central America. See also the Panama Portal. Refresh this list to see the latest articles. 16 December 2014: Freighter hits fishing boat in Gulf of Suez; thirteen dead 21 April 2014: Wikinews interviews Paúl M. Velazco about new yellow-shouldered bat species 15 November 2010: Somali piracy: […]

Make Money Online By Promoting Clickbank Products

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Submitted by: Jason Bacot Clickbank is a strong online business that can provide you with a steady online income as long as you know how to use its benefits. This large marketplace contains a list of popular ebooks that you can sell and an option to sell your own. There are people who make thousands […]

Lorry drops thirteen tonnes of fish in British town

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005 A lorry spilt thirteen tonnes of raw fish on a road in the small British town of Shaftesbury, Dorset, earlier today. Crates of iced fish, worth £80,000, apparently burst out the rear doors of the lorry as it climbed a hill. The BBC reports Dorset Police as saying “It appears as […]

Flight lands safely with help from mobile phone text messages

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Monday, August 11, 2008 In November 2007, a twin-engine 30-year-old Piper aircraft lost all electrical power on board shortly after departing from Kerry airport in Ireland for a flight to Jersey. Without any electrical power, the pilot was unable to use his radio to contact air traffic control. He was briefly able to re-establish contact […]

City to sue owner of partially collapsed 19th century livery in Buffalo, New York

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008 Buffalo, New York — Two weeks after a 19th century stable and livery on Jersey Street partially collapsed and caused 15 homes to be evacuated in Buffalo, New York, residents still do not have answers from the city despite a court order to work with them and come to an agreement […]

Pharmaceutical Formulation Development Series: How Good Are Computer Pk Models?

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Submitted by: Bruce Rehlaender, Ph.D. No one doubts the utility of computers for simple things like aerospace engineering and weather prediction, but pharmacokinetics is not rocket science. It is far more complex. Computers are indispensible for analyzing PK data, but how well can they do at actually predicting drug delivery and disposition? Some people are […]