Fat Loss Vs Weight Loss}

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Submitted by: Dr. Satinder

Fat Loss Vs Weight Loss

When you mount the dreaded scale and witness a wide difference between the previous and current weight, the emotional euphoria is indescribable. While some feel motivated to strive for more, others just drop off the regime, finding the weight loss ‘enough for now’. But what you forget is that the weight you lost might not be from fat at all; instead you might have lost your body weight. Reducing weight via decrease in bone density and loss in muscular tissues instead of fat is unhealthy especially in the long term. For obese or overweight patients, any new workout regime or a different lifestyle might culminate in tremendous weight loss, predominantly from water loss in the body or initial fat loss. But the nearer you get to the ideal weight limit, the more concerning it gets to keep a check on whether your weight is being lost the right way.

Understanding the basic difference

Starting with the basic definitions:

Weight Loss: Weight loss stands for the abatement in the sum total of the weight of your muscles, bones, body fat, organs etc.

Fat loss: The subsiding levels of the net amount of fat the body carries represents fat loss.

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In a nutshell, weight loss is a more generic term while fat loss pinpoints to a specific category of losing weight.In this degree, although a pound of muscle would weigh exactly the same as that of fat, yet muscle being denser, occupies lesser space. This is supported by the fact that any two persons weighing the same might be of different sizes due to varying body- fat- to- muscle- ratio. This is how the weight scales can be misleading you:

Water and Carbohydrates: Water is linked with carbohydrates in a way that a reduced intake of these nutrients would end up in weight loss- water loss. Following a dieting scheme shows its results in a couple of weeks due to this water loss from the body. On the other hand, augmenting the carbohydrate intake will gain you some weight owing to water retention.

Lose fat and Gain muscle: If you follow a strength training regime, you will lose fat while gaining muscles. Apparently, the net weight will not see a shift on the scale, but a fat caliper will surely track the body fat going down.

So if you want to look flawlessly fit, stay full of energy, disease free and healthy; fat loss is the need of the hour. The only healthy way to shed those pounds and achieve a better metabolic and cognitive function is by losing fat, NOT WEIGHT.

How to determine whether the loss is in your fat or your weight?

To figure out the real cause, the best indicators are the symptoms. An exhausted, nauseous and weak feeling result from something lost more than fat. However, a typical fat loss occurs when there’s little difference in the net body weight but your clothes fit you better. This implies a gain in the bone density and muscles and abatement in the fat, making you fell more energetic and stronger.

Do’s and Don’ts for losing fat without losing muscle-

The daily diet and workout regime is the foremost determining factor for how the weight is lost. Here are certain tidbits to take cue from:


Eat sparingly- Pack your diet with an abundance of proteins, good fats and complex carbohydrates. Eating right and eating for the sake of nourishment is crucial for fat reduction.

Feed on empty calories: Instead, snack on filling and healthy snacks.

Perform only cardio: While cardio needs a little attention, banking on this exercise will risk you into losing your muscle. Mix your workouts and focus on strength training as well.


Hefting: Lift bulky weights and perform bodyweight workouts to let your muscle grow, burn fat and increase metabolism.

Sprints: Fast sprinting once in a while stimulates the growth hormone ( HGH ), facilitating muscle growth and burning the unnecessary fat.

Active lifestyle: Avoid being a couch potato and stay active even outside the gym to achieve that perfect fit!

Work on your goals and burn that fat by keeping these tidbits in your mind!. For any consultation regarding your diet, please contact here.

About the Author: My self Dr. Satinder Singh I am a Sexologist and working as a senior consultant physician at empire clinic in Ambala City. As per my qualification i am M.D(AM).F.R.H.S. In my professional carrier i worked for many reputed National organizations as an honorary consultant. If you have any query please feel free to contact me




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