Monday, March 20, 2017

The Australian Labor Party leader Bill Shorten presented a private bill in Parliament yesterday to contest penalty rate cuts, that are scheduled to be implemented on July 1 by the Fair Work Ombudsman. These cuts will affect hospitality, retail, pharmacy and fast food workers. Such workers will potentially lose A$50–A$70 in their pay each week.

Many employers see the new rates as a positive change, allowing them to hire more staff and be able to turn a higher profit on Sundays and holidays. Workers in these industries have reacted negatively towards the proposed changes Helena Doherty, a chemistry student stated, “Cutting Sunday penalty rates is really unfair. I work part-time in a bar and earning more on Sundays gives me more free time to study so I can get a good job after university.”

Josh Wilson, Federal Member for Freemantle, WA stated in the House of Representatives Monday morning that not only will the changes affect individuals, but also the local economy.