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The News Headlines had strike in front of all the people about the Thanksgiving Day 2014, it had been joyful and it had blessed over 250 families with happiness. The Mardy took one step and changed lives of so many. All this was made possible due to labor of love of MD Eger and his family and not forgetting the hardworking Staff Team. All of these people have been really faithful, blissful and really helpful to all of the needy people.

Actually Mardy has been victim and has been a part of domestic violence, Eger had complicated situation of losing his mother at 10, a sad event that made Mardy all alone without mother,grandparents and many of his family members as well.

Awful year and pity on life situation with loss of 16 people in his family, Mardy lost into depression and had lost all his hope as of the the tragedy in his life of loss. It was when he was three years Mardy Eger had really worst phase in life where he had no way at age of 6 years to 8 years where his father use to torture his mother again and again

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As a 9 and 10 year old child experiencing all of this was very hard and was something that Mardy would have to deal with for a life time, but once he was able to uncover certain principals, MD found healing, he found liberty, he found purpose, and an even more determined drive. Mr and Mrs.Eger have stood strong since 20 years to fight with the evils of the domestic violence, child abuse and human trafficking. Now, they have launched a foundation dedicated to the war for Domestic Violence as well.

Eger took his experiences as a child and decided to make a difference. He and his wife have stood strong for over 20 years to fight the evils of domestic violence, child abuse and human trafficking. They have founded a foundation dedicated to the war against DV.

Mardy Eger has been a giant in the mlm industry for several years and dominating the industry for right at a decade. His fame and notoriety came when this humble but very focused self made millionaire personally sponsored over 1,000 personal recruits into a mlm biz op using methods and systems that he created to dominate the company as #1 earner. mentor and recruiter, the rest became history.

MD Eger, is entrepreneur also MLM leader, Mentor and a motivational speaker and trainer, spends his time spreading the message of hope globally.

In an council of speakers when a question raised for Mr. Mardy Eger regarding the reasons for why he is doing what he is doing such good deeds for? Mr.Mardy then being a humble and generous man replied calmly, I am a servant to all that have or are going through something. I am also here to not only assist through those times but to also give hope and let people know that yes they can make it, yes theres someone that loves them and yes their lives can turn around, it happened or me and I will help them realize their dreams no matter where they are, and Im human and no different than they are and yes they can and will make it. Thats my call”

Mr.Eger is currently engaged in preparation of release his new book launch ,in the first quarter 2015.

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