Single Mom Housing Grants

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By Monni Bee

Single moms have the jobs of managing their kids and work, and sometimes buying a house can be an extra barrier to take care of. For this very purpose, there are many federal government grants for housing so single moms can still go and get an adequate house. These grants are very helpful in the fact that they provide housing assistance to needy single women.

For Low Income families, the federal government also provides lots of help to families who are paying a lot out of their own pockets for housing. It is true that lots of financial setbacks are also due to housing. This is because of all the extra costs that are associated with a house such as the insurance, mortgage and other monthly repairs. This is mostly for people whose annual household income is 50% or less than the average income of the residents of the area they are living in. People who meet that condition get help from PHAs – Public Housing Agencies, in the form of vouchers.

There is a set amount as to how much money they get, and the single women gets to choose which house she wants to live in. She has to pay the remaining of the rent of the house or apartment that is not covered by the voucher.

There are many Public Housing Assistance agencies locally and you should be able to find one closed to you that you can contact. These agencies are well equipped because even the government gives them funding. If this sounds like something that you can benefit from, call a PHA agency today and see how they may be able to help you.

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Another organization that may be of help to you is the HIP program – homeless imitative program & Housing improvement program. These organizations are very helpful in helpful single mothers.

Housing is a tough subject for single moms. Usually it can be hard to afford. However, that is why these housing grants for single moms are set up – to provide help and comfort to single moms.

There is also another one – The HOME program which offers home loans and other things with some specific guidelines. There is a long application, but it is a worth it hassle in the end.

Also talk to mortgage companies, even if you do or don’t fall into the criteria of low income. If yo can prove that you are in somewhat of a good financial position and will pay back the money they lend to you, they will loan you some money so you can start your housing venture. Contact these agencies and ask them questions about how they will be able to help you out. These agencies are very helpful and make use of them!

It is also helpful to ask anyone you know who can be helpful and provide some insight as to what you should do. You should ask mortgage lenders, realtors, and even financial consultants. They will help you study some angles that you haven’t looked at and help you make some good decisions about housing.

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