Telling Time For Kids Made Simple And Easy}

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Telling time for Kids – made simple and easy


Siew Yean

Telling time can be a difficult task for young kids. As parents, we can make it easy for kid to learn to tell time with the help of some practical methods.

Schedule Activities for preschoolers

Preschoolers do not understand time concept and to be on time. They cannot read clock and it may not be practical for us to teach them to read clock at this stage. Instead, we can teach them time concept.

It is important for preschooler to follow a schedule of activities on a daily basis. As time goes by, the child is able to relate the activity with time. It gives them an indication of how long the time is with reference to the activity they do.

We can get them to learn about the different time of a day. Preschoolers learn morning, afternoon, evening and night with the related activities they do. Get them to understand they wake up in the morning when the sun rise, sleep at night when the sky is dark.

Include time in daily activities

Gradually, start to tell them the time in their daily activities while referring to the clock at the same time. For example, we can tell them to go to bed because it is nine oclock. Use such references for all the activities and gradually they will learn to relate the activities with the time on the clock.

Learn about clock using toy

By the time when the kids know how to count numbers, we can start teaching them how to tell time with the help of a toy clock. Help them to identify the hours and the minute hand. Start learning how to tell the hour then later, the minute.

At the same time, continue to teach them learn to count and understand fraction too. Counting and understanding fraction are two fundamental skills the child must master before she can read the clock. Include a little game of telling the hours every time when we play with the child. He can learn it well and fast with constant practice.

Get a watch or clock

The best thing that one can do is to get the child a watch or clock. Children feel grown up when they own a personal watch or clock. They are motivated to learn this skill so that they can read or tell the adults around them the time themselves. Depending on the preference of the child, you may want to consider getting a digital instead of an analog clock. It is easier for a young child to read digital versus analog to start with.

Learn with printable activities

Learn how to tell time involves practice. We can also get some colorful clock worksheets for them to do as kids printable activities. Instead of coloring pages, use clock worksheets while waiting for food in the restaurant. They can learn to draw the clocks hands, spell the days, weeks and months.

Telling time is just another life skill a child will learn and picks up. It takes time but with the appropriate coaching from parents, we can help to make it easy and fun for them to learn.

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Telling time for Kids – made simple and easy }

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